Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling with Helen Herron at Counselling Therapy Cheltenham offers individual Counselling to help you to understand how you relate to others in your significant relationships. The foundations of all our relationships are developed in our early childhood and our relationship with our main carer and significant other usually our mother. Healthy, secure attachments to our significant other help us to develop a sense of self-worth and confidence and independence in later life. If our attachments are insecure this can have an effect on building secure attachments with others and typically relationships involve a complex combination of different attachments.

Counselling in a Safe and Secure Environment

Relationship Counselling with Counselling Therapy Cheltenham provides a safe and secure environment where you can explore your own experiences of relationships and how you relate to others. Also understanding our behaviour in relationships helps to build self-esteem and self-worth and a sense of identity and autonomy. As we develop and grow and have more awareness of our sense of self and our individuality this confidence can help us to feel more secure in our relationships and can help us to resolve difficulties.

Counselling to provide Help and Support

If you are experiencing difficulties that you feel you are unable to resolve Relationship Counselling can provide you with the help and support to cope with relationship endings and separation. This is approached in a similar way to Grief and Loss by helping you to understand that the grief emotions of shock, pain of loss and separation, anxiety and anger are all normal emotions associated with loss. Also how experiencing these emotions helps us to come to an acceptance of the reality of the loss and to adjust to life in the present.

Counselling to Build Secure Relationships in the Future

A secure therapeutic relationship that provides empathy and support can help you to develop a sense of self-worth and independence to help you build secure relationships in the future.

Contact Counselling Therapy Cheltenham

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and would like help and support with Relationship Counselling please Contact Helen Herron Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Counselling Therapy Cheltenham.

Counselling Testimonial

'I felt like I'd lost my sense of identity, not knowing what to do, now I feel whole again and able to be myself.'