Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement or the loss of someone close to us is one of the most stressful experiences in our lives. Grief is the term given to our psychological reaction to bereavement and is a complexity of emotions that result from our detachment to someone we have lost.

How We Experience Grief is Different for Each of Us

We may experience many different emotions following our bereavement or loss and often these include shock, pain of loss and separation, despair, anger and feelings of guilt, acceptance and adjustment to living without the one we have lost. Whilst we may feel some or all of these emotions they are all considered to be a normal part of grieving and how we experience loss and grief is different for each of us.

After the initial period of shock you may find talking about your loss helps you to cope with the different emotions that you are experiencing. Also to come to your own acceptance of your personal grief and loss in the safety of the counselling relationship.

Grief and Loss in Our Lives

As well as grieving for the loss of someone we can also experience grief due to other losses in our lives. These may include the loss of a relationship, security, loss of independence, health, job or home. Also grief and loss can be experienced when children leave home, if we experience a loss of a sense of purpose, achievement and self-esteem. All of these experiences may cause emotions relating to grief.

Talking about Grief Can be the First Step

Talking about your grief can be the first step in reconciling yourself to the emotions that you are finding difficult to overcome.

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Counselling Testimonial

'A year ago I didn't know how I was going to live my life, being able to talk about the way I feel and share my grief has helped me face the future.'