Recognising and understanding Anger and deciding if it is an appropriate response is the first step to changing and controlling the emotion of Anger.

Anger is an Innate Response

Anger is a natural innate response that originates in the primal region of the brain known as the Amygdala, the centre of the fight/flight or fear response that is automatically triggered when we feel threatened. This response activates the adrenalin receptors to increase our blood pressure, heart rate and breathing to give us the strength and energy to fight or run and protect ourselves and is crucial for our survival.

Anger is a Natural Response

We can see young children display a natural innate anger response when they are frustrated and as we develop emotionally we can learn how to manage and express anger. It is believed that if we observe and experience the expression of anger with aggression then we can learn to behave in this way with either physical or verbal expressions of anger usually directed towards another to cause pain and harm. The emotion of anger and hate can be all consuming like the opposite emotions of love and kindness. It is important not to ignore our emotions of anger but to direct it in a more appropriate way so that it is not discharged in a destructive way towards another or oneself. Also situations where we feel that we have no control or release for the emotions of anger and frustration can lead to feelings of helplessness and depression.

We Can Learn to Manage Anger

Managing and controlling the emotion of Anger is an important skill we can learn by identifying the causes of Anger and whether it is in response to anxiety, fear or feeling out of control. Understanding the internal or external triggers that cause this emotion to develop helps us to be able to adapt and change and respond appropriately. In situations where there is no real threat of danger we can learn to control the anger state. As we learn to recognise and control our anger response and when we are in a more calm and relaxed state we can rationalise and assess our thoughts and behaviours and manage our anger response more effectively.

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